Reorganization is your chance to re-engage with your local Republicans, elect your precinct board, and ensure your voice is heard at the county and state conventions. All politics is local, as the saying goes, and this is the opportunity to enact on that belief!



What Happens at Reorganization?

At Reorganization, members of each precinct select their precinct officers. These officers represent leadership at the lowest level of the Republican Party: the community. They represent their local neighborhoods and express this representation at the county level. By segmenting our county into different precincts, it allows us to hear from Republicans across the region and ensure conservative values are being expressed across the county.


What if I Can’t Make My Meeting Time?

Makeups for reorganization will be happening at 6:00PM on April 1st at North Charleston City Hall (3rd Floor). Please bring your Form #1. A regular CCRP meeting will follow the makeup meeting at 7:00PM.