our Republican elected officials


We’re proud to have such fine people represent our Conservative values! Click their photos to visit their website today!

State Senate

stephen goldfinch

District 34

Chip campsen

district 43

larry grooms

district 37

paul campbell

district 44

sean bennett

district 38

sandy senn

district 41

state house

Con Chellis, IV

District 94

Nancy Mace

District 99

Lee Hewitt

District 108

William Cogswell

District 110

Mike Sottile

District 112

Lin Bennett

District 114

Peter Mccoy

district 115


County Council

Herb Sass

District 1

Dickie Schweers

District 2

Elliott Summey

District 3

Brantley Moody

District 7

Jenny Costa Honeycutt

District 9