County Convention

April 11th at 6:00PM

Orange Grove Charter School


What happens at County Convention?

At County Convention, we get an opportunity to refocus our vision for the next two years. This starts by electing a new chairman who will guide us down this path during a presidential election cycle. To support his goals and implementation, we will also be electing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd vice-chairs to carry out his vision. Moreover, we’ll be electing a state committeeman to represent us on the state level throughout the next two years.

Additionally, we will select new delegates to the state convention. These delegates will ensure that the voice of Charleston County is heard loud and clear!

Who can vote for our new leaders?

All elected delegates from each precinct will have an opportunity to vote for the new members of the board. Precinct delegates were elected at our reorganization meetings on March 21st.

What is Orange Grove Charter School’s address?

1225 Orange Branch Rd, Charleston, SC 29407

Is there a fee to attend?

There is a fee of $15 per person to help support the party’s goals. Friend’s of delegates who want to witness the event may attend free of charge. This fee can be waived if a member pays their $35 yearly dues.