What Is the Charleston County Republican Party?

The Charleston County Republican Party provides information to voters on Party elections, activities and events. We also strive to connect voters to each other and our elected officials by providing information and links to representatives at all levels of government. We work to grow the Party, recruit candidates and elect Republicans.


Leadership team


John Kuhn


As chairman, John works to ensure that the organization is moving in the right direction from the top-down, and encourages everyone to take ample part in the political process.


Russ Leach

First Vice-Chair

As first vice-chair, Russ works to fundraise for the party and implement a broad engagement strategy. His focus is critical for us being successful as an organization.


Nikki Claibourn

Second Vice-Chair

As the second vice-chair, Nikki works to employ the best techniques available to ensure our outreach efforts are being heard and are effective.


Pete Barnett

Third Vice-Chair

As third vice-chair, Pete works to ensure our communication efforts are rock solid. He deploys our digital strategy and works to promote solid branding for the party.


Dr. Mark Hartley

Executive Committeeman

As the executive committeeman, Mark ensures that the CCRP is represented on the state level with the South Carolina Republican Party.


Thomas Woelfel


As secretary, Thomas not only ensures meetings run properly, but develops better processes for the organization to ensure we are efficient and effective.


Cameron Brown


As treasurer, Cameron ensures that our finances are in order, and works to develop financial plans that will be beneficial to the party.